Le Mans and Plantagenêt City

Discover the historical city of Le Mans, classified as a "City of Art and History". At the heart of the city is the Plantagenêt City, a hidden gem composed of cobbled streets lined with timber-framed houses and Renaissance hotels. Admire the Saint-Julien Cathedral, half Romanesque, half Gothic, one of the largest in France at 134 meters long and an area of 5000 m².

34min - 23km


Ecommoy is a small town of nearly 4,800 inhabitants located in Sarthe, 20 km southeast of Le Mans. This city, at the limits of the fertile Belinois zone and the Bercé oak forest, hosts a weekly market every Tuesday morning. In addition, 7 hiking circuits start from the city.

43min - 40km

La Chartre-Sur-Le-Loir

Visit La Chartre-sur-le-Loir, a charming village of second-hand dealers and antique dealers. This city will transport you to the past with its old-world flavor, nostalgia, and vintage spirit.

1h08 - 71km


Malicorne-sur-Sarthe is located in the heart of the Sarthe Valley and borders the river. This city, labeled "City and Crafts", is famous for its earthenware tradition for several centuries. The Museum of Earthenware and Ceramics, labeled Museum of France, attracts many craftspeople. Discover the Art Earthenware of Malicorne, Bourg-Joly Malicorne, Art Earthenware, the Echoppe à porcelain, the Terre et Bois workshops, the Eponymous Pottery and the Yann Rio workshop. It is also possible to take a nice walk in a kayak or small boat.

21min - 18km

La Flèche

Visit the first private zoo in France, the zoo de La Flèche founded in 1946 by Jacques Bouillault. With over 1500 animals of more than 160 different species, it attracts more than 400,000 visitors a year and is one of the top 5 zoological parks in France. Also enjoy the beach, pedal boats and bicycles, as well as inflatable games in summer.

39min - 35km


Every Tuesday, the Durtal weekly market is held next to the Castle, offering a wide selection of fresh products, from fruits and vegetables to meats and charcuterie. Walkers can also explore the city's walking circuits.

42min - 44km


Sablé-sur-Sarthe, located at the crossroads of several regions, is crossed by the Sarthe river and is home to a dynamic population of over 12,000 inhabitants. The city offers a variety of activities throughout the year, including culture, concerts, and open-air cinema.

27min - 28km

Saint-Pierre Abbey of Solesmes

The Saint-Pierre Abbey of Solesmes is a historical destination for lovers of Gregorian chant. This type of liturgical chant of the Roman Catholic Church is a musical treasure, composed mainly of verses from the Bible in Latin, and is of great value according to the Second Vatican Council.

25min - 25km


The small village of Meslay-du-Maine hosts a week-long jazz festival every May, as well as SwinGolf, FootGolf and DropnGolf courses from March to October.

41min - 42km

Saulges Caves

The Saulges caves are open to the public from mid-February to mid-November and include several visitable caves, including the Margaux cave classified as a historical monument and the Rochefort cave over 300 million years old. The Museum of Prehistory is also accessible.

32min - 30km


A dynamic city of 50,000 inhabitants, Laval offers a variety of activities and festivals throughout the year, such as the Laval Virtual Europe Show in February dedicated to immersive technologies, the 3 Elephants festivals, the first novel, Laval beer, the judiciary film, etc. The Lights of Laval are visible every day from November to January, and the racetrack is open all year round.

50min - 65km


Sainte-Suzanne is a welcoming town of 5,000 inhabitants that breathes the ambiance of a village of yesteryear. For a stroll or summer vacation, the medieval city offers a peaceful way of life and a pleasant natural environment.

32min - 30km


Discover the small village of Loué, known for its famous high-quality chickens. Loué celebrates this specialty every year in June. Also enjoy a 16km hike to discover French biodiversity and monuments.

10min - 8km


Sillé-Le-Guillaume is an ideal place for outdoor activities. With its popular beach "Coco Plage", tourists can indulge in various activities, such as hiking on the GR36 and GR365, treetop adventure courses, outdoor laser games and archery. Nature lovers will also be delighted.

34min - 34km