Comte de Laval

32m² room with its bathtub and a bathroom of about 6m² with shower and toilet.

Description and History

Comte de Laval

Guy Claude de Laval Montmorency (1677-1751)

If you are looking for a stay filled with history and prestige, the Comte de Laval room is for you. It was named in honor of Guy Claude Roland de Laval Montmorency, a prominent member of the Laval family who played an important role in the military and political life of his time. The Comte de Laval was an accomplished soldier, having served under Louis XIV and then under Louis XV, and having received numerous rewards for his services. He also acquired a great fortune thanks to his military skills. In 1709, at the Flanders army, in charge of the defense of the so-called seven fountains post, during the siege of Tournai, he stayed there for eighteen days, and had his left hand crushed by a bomb splinter. At the end of 1744, he received the very important title of Grand Chamberlain of King Stanislas, Louis XV's stepfather. He was made a marshal by Louis XV in 1747.

By staying in this room, you will be able to discover the fascinating history of this character and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a colorful era. You will also be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the park and gardens while enjoying modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. This room offers a unique and unforgettable historical experience.

Room equipment

  • 1 bed 180x200cm
  • Free Wifi
  • Kettle
  • Coffee machine
  • Hairdryer
  • Safety equipment (fire extinguisher)
Breakfast included.