Marquise de Montesson

A 54m² suite with 2 beautiful bedrooms and a bathroom of about 10m² with shower, bath and WC.

Description and History

Marquise de Montesson

Marquise De Montesson, born Marie Belin des Roches (1788-1876)

The Marquise de Montesson room offers you the opportunity to live a unique experience by staying in the walls of a castle built by the Marquise de Montesson herself. This visionary woman wanted to create a place where her family could establish themselves durably and spend enjoyable moments, especially close to her younger son, Raoul de Montesson, whom she wanted to inherit the castle.

The Grange Moreau castle was designed with care to provide maximum comfort to its occupants. It has a magnificent suite with a bathroom, which was designed so that guests can relax in a refined setting. However, it's not only the interior that's impressive, as the castle is also adorned with sculptures that bear witness to its history.

By booking this room, you will be able to admire at sunset the coats of arms of Marie Adelaïde Belin des Roches (the rams of Belin) and that of her husband (the cinquefoils of Montesson), the identity card of her generation. On the rising sun side, it displays the coat of arms of the rising generation: the cinquefoils of Montesson join the clovers of Ogier d’Ivry, which adorn the castle facades. You will also be able to marvel at the breathtaking views of the castle's landscaped gardens and the surrounding countryside. The Grange Moreau castle is the ideal place for a stay that is both soothing and rich in historical discoveries.

Room Equipment

  • 1 bed 180x200cm
  • 2 beds 100x200cm
  • Free wifi
  • Kettle
  • Coffee machine
  • Hairdryer
  • Safety equipment (fire extinguisher)
Breakfast included.