The Park and its French Garden

Discover the wonders of the park of the Grange Moreau Castle, a true landscape jewel located in Vallon sur Gée. Amidst 11.5 hectares of green spaces made up of gardens, a meadow, a wood and an orchard, the castle's French gardens, designed by Shelley and Christian based on the garden drawn by the Marquise de Montesson, have regained their former glory.


A wooded park

The Grange Moreau Castle is surrounded by a landscaped wooded park. The majestic entrance is marked by a row of bicentenary lime trees, while the outbuildings and the alley bordered by yew topiaries add an extra touch of charm.

A French Garden to sublimate the park

The rehabilitation program of the Grange Moreau Castle's park allowed the creation of a French garden in the back axis of the castle, projected up to the Gée valley, the river crossing the park. The balcony of the castle's main room offers an amazing view of this new garden, which answers the major axis of the castle's entrance.

Made up of four symmetrical squares bordered by perennial flower beds, the French garden is a delight for the eyes. The main "Saint Leonard" gravel alley is bounded by aluminium borders, while yew topiaries punctuate the main axis of symmetry. The secondary alleys, on the other hand, are made of well-kept lawn.

Colorful foliage and flowering plants as well as stone ponds adorned with water jets add a touch of poetry and romance to the whole.

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Le jardin et sa fontaine

An enchanting setting to walk and relax

The French garden is surrounded by trimmed charm hedges, creating an ideal setting for walking and recharging your batteries. Large openings on the vanishing points on the meadow invite visitors to explore the surroundings, while regularly mown paths guide them in their stroll. The perspective is extended by a double alignment of forty golden ecu trees (Ginkgo biloba), adding a touch of majesty and elegance to the whole.

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