Jacques Louis Belin de Béru

A 33.5m² room with a bathroom of about 12m² with shower, bath and WC.

Description and History

Jacques Louis Belin de Béru

Jacques Louis Belin de Béru (1747-1828)

The Jacques Louis Belin de Béru room at the Grange Moreau castle is a place filled with history and prestige. It was named in honor of Jacques Louis Belin de Béru, who played an important role in the judicial and political life of the region. He passed the necessary examinations to become a lawyer in the parliament of Paris, a necessary step to embark on a judicial career. He was then elected in 1787 as a deputy of the third estate to the general assembly of the generalité of Tours, then to the provincial assembly of Maine. He then becomes 'commissaire du roi près le tribunal de district du Mans'.

Not having taken the side of Terror, he becomes suspect like so many others. Arrested and imprisoned in Paris, he escapes the guillotine thanks to the fall of Robespierre. He does not resume his judicial functions but is elected to the departmental council under the Restoration. He even leads it as president.

This room is filled with authentic elements that will immerse you in the ambiance of a past era, while offering modern facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the park and gardens while discovering the fascinating stories of this family of magistrates. Staying in this room is to live a unique and unforgettable historical experience.

Room Equipment

  • 1 bed 180x200cm
  • Free wifi
  • Kettle
  • Coffee machine
  • Hairdryer
  • Safety equipment (fire extinguisher)
Breakfast included.